What is Acupuncture all about...

The combination of points used is based on your individual needs and the combination of points works in synergy and not in isolation.

The method of insertion is based on the location on the body.  The training of an acupuncturist is extensive and includes knowing all the relevant cautions in each area of the body.

Diagnosis is done using information gained in conversation with you, looking at your tongue, which is like a little map of your body, taking your pulse and palpating different areas of the body, depending of where your concern lies.  

Chronic shoulder pain in a person who is sedentary,  tends to be overworked, angry and stressed has a different root than the same  pain in an athlete who has a injury to  the shoulder muscles from overuse.  The root is different, the result , pain is the same.

The treatment will be based on your unique circumstances. 

Other modalities that can also be included in a treatment are:

      • Moxabustion
      • Cupping
      • Gua sha
      • Acupressure
      • Tui na

Open Hours

Monday 12pm – 7pm
Tuesday 10am – 8pm
Wednesday 12pm – 4pm
Thursday 12pm-7pm
Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm (by appointment only on Saturdays)

Initial Appointment Acupuncture
$120 (90 min session)
Follow up Appointment
$80 (60 min session)

Stony Plain Location

Suite A, 5400 50 Street,
Stony Plain AB,T7Z 1B7           
Email: info @ refinewellness.ca

Meet the Acupunturist

Terri Abel, R Ac, CA

When I am not studying Chinese Medicine and Herbs or creating some herbal or medicinal concoction, I love gardening, walking, weight training, and spending time with my family. 
I found my way to Chinese Medicine while trying to find answers for my own chronic digestive, neurological and pain issues.  When I could find little help in the western medical system, I started looking at other ways of healing: herbs, homeopathy, diet, aromatherapy and acupuncture. What I loved most about Chinese Medicine and acupuncture is that it included all aspects of me as a person. When I sought help for pain and digestive problems, my emotions, my diet and my lifestyle became an important part of treatment, empowering me as a patient. As a result, I became very interested in understanding and integrating this knowledge into a holistic system of healing with you the patient at the centre.  I love continuing to enrich my learning.  
My education includes:
  • Acupuncture Diploma from MacEwan University
  • Aromatherapy Certificate from Aromahead School of Essential Oil Studies
  • Essential Oil Skin Series from Tisserand institute
  • Homeopathy/ Heilkunst from Romantic Science and Health Care Foundations Diploma
  • Organic Master Gardener from Gaia College
  • Individual courses on attachment, trauma and therapy, psychology and psychoneuromimmunology from  The Post Institute, Government of Alberta, University of Lethbridge, BYUI, NICABM
  • Fitness Leader Certification: Strength and Weight Training Speciality, Biomechanics and Posture from AFLCA
  • Trauma, PTSD and Recovery in the Context of Chinese Medicine from Lift Education
  • Personal Coaching Foundations  from CTI, Strength Based Coaching Strength Strategy, People Acuity
  • Professional Herbalist from East West school of Planetary Herbology ( currently studying)

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