Our Therapists specialize in the following treatment techniques:

Swedish Relaxation  |  Therapeutic/Deep Tissue  |  Hot Stone Massage  |  Trigger Point Therapy  |  Myofascial Release Techniques

Kevin Scott

Kevin, RMT

Kevin has the talent, education and experience to assess and treat many physical conditions. His focus is on working in synergy with the client to achieve wellness and health. Kevin has an ability to reverse engineer the issue to get to the root of the clients pain or issue empowering the client in their own healing. Kevin is proficient in all modalities and his greatest strength is therapeutic massage.


Shauna, RMT

Shauna’s focus is always to listen to the client for what area they are most concerned with or what they feel is their issue, but she often finds issues that the client may not be aware of since she takes everything into consideration when treating a client. She excels in therapeutic massage and myofascial release.

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